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The idea of painting a picture is taken by Virgil Solis Biblische Figuren from r. 1568th Apocalypse is located at U GIORDANO in Slavonice, Horní nám. 517, the south of the Czech Republic.

Apocalypse John S. Theology

Revelation of Jesus Christ, whom God gave him to show his servants things which are done: soon. He then revealed he sent it by his angel his servant John.

affresco Apocalisse 11 St. John the Evangelist is among seven candlesticks and reveals to him the Christ. Around his right hand seven stars are sparkling, his mouth holding a sword.
affresco Apocalisse 13 God sits in the throne, after his side are the four evangelical symbols lion, Winged Man, bull and eagle. In the lap of God is leaning against the scapegoat and the next Lamb Sealing books, which are based seals. Around the throne gather 24 elders.
affresco Apocalisse 12 Opens the fourth seal. The smoke and fumes depart Apocalypse four horsemen.
affreschi Apocalisse 17 This opens the fifth seal. Cleansing the bodies in the sky and white dress coats.
affresco Apocalisse 16 This opens the sixth seal. The stars fall to the ground, hiding the sky like a book, kings and the rich are hiding in a cave and calls the mountains and rocks to fall upon them, and that is hidden from God.
affresco Apocalisse 15 This opens the sixth seal. Four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds, the call from the fifth angel, stopping the four winds, to stop and might blow.
affreschi Apocalisse 14 Opens the seventh seal. For judgment chest will meet seven angels trumpeters, another angel raises WE WE We (woe, woe, woe) The fresco four angels trumpet trumpeters. One of the angel filled the censer with fire and threw it on the ground. Hailing from the lamb's blood and ignites the third of the country.
affreschi Apocalisse 6 It's getting hot stars of the Lord to a third of water to the hořkly water foot angel blowing from the well based locusts with gold crowns on their heads and body resemble scorpions bite one third of humanity.
affreschi apocalisse 5 Sixth angel trumpet. The Euphrates to expand four types of the angelic forces (angels are dressed in green, brown, black and white), Angel dressed in white sitting on a horse from the lion's head, his tail is like a scorpion.
affreschi Apocalisse 7 The seventh angel blowing. The angel dressed puff standing with one foot on the ground, the second leg on the river, around the face in September sunlight. St. John, the angel passes Sealing book (not sealed) to St. John ate it. In the mouth it smells sweet life as a honey stomach bitter life as wormwood.
affreschi Apocalisse 3 affresco Apocalisse 4

XI. Chap. 11, paragraph 1 to 7

Two witnesses testify against Satan (Satan is in the form of a crocodile). For Giordano Satan is wearing papal tiara. Witness in a white coat is Lutero, the second witness Calvin.

affresco Apocalisse 18

XII. Chap. 12

The crescent is emerging woman. It faces a dragon with seven heads ten horns. He wants to destroy both the child and the woman. God sends two angels to take away the child's habits in the divine right of God and Archangel overthrow dragon into the sea.

affresco Apocalisse 19

XIII. Chap. 13

Dragon vynoží from the sea and just a great strength of the seven mountains. Lurks behind the mountains strong Satan.

affresco Apocalisse 20

XIV. Chap. 14

When the sacrificial Lamb comes to heaven, God sends three angels to overthrow the tower of Babel.

affresco apocalisse 1

XV. Chap. 14, paragraph 16, 19, 20

Disposal of Babylon crops and wine.

affresco Apocalisse 2

VI. Chap. 16, paragraph 1 - 4, 8, 10, 12, 13, 17, 18, 19

Angels emptied seven bowls of divine wrath.
The world: the earth, vyvrhnou people from harmful ulcers.
At Sea: living soul is dying out at sea.
The river: a fountain of water turns into blood.
The Sun (left, above): human evil is burned with fire.
The beast: the dragon turns into a frog.
The river Euphrates: it dries up after the war and from the east will open the way for the King.
The wind: people on earth feel an earthquake.

affresco Apocalisse 10

XVII. Chap. 17

Horrible conviction Babylonian harlot who sits on the beast. Whore in his hand two glasses of hot wine to drink to her soul clean. But her hurt.

affresco Apocalisse 9

XVIII. Chap. 18, paragraph 1-3

Burning whore of Babylon, grab the whole city. What burnt, to break down a circular stone. In front frescoes are desperate characters that represent Renaissance clothing.

XIX. Chap. 19, paragraph 11

In the sky rides a horse with angels and the Lamb on Earth dragon biting your anger languages.

XX. Chap. 20, paragraph 1

Life in heaven happy, sad on the ground.

affreschi Apocalisse 8

XXI. Chap. 2

Dragon soul want to bind the brink, but then straight to topple it to hurt anyone.


Seven dragon heads will turn in seven mountains, which shows an angel with St. John the New Jerusalem.


Bible processed, or all the saints Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments Králický TEXT OF 1613, adjusted to the original text BIBLICAL work in Czechoslovakia, in Prague 1969